Financial Performance Management Specialists
Financial Performance Management Specialists

Budget, Plan and Forecast

The saying that the past is a window to the future is as true in FPM as in other walks of life as historical data is used to predict financial outcomes for future months or years. To achieve our FPM vision, this requires:

  • high-frequency plan revision - this creates an ongoing cycle of planning, analysing, evaluating and action
  • users collaboration - decentralises control and responsibility for overall plans and forecasts and promotes user buy-in to the process
  • visibility of all information - being able to view all information used to derive the plan
  • driver based - the ability to create a model that is based on operational drivers
  • sensitivity analysis / scenario modelling capability  - the ability to tweak the model to assess the impact of change
  • workflow - being able to control versions and access to data, and visibility over completeness

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